Monday, May 27, 2013

Neon Zebra Nails

I am so bad.. I studied, studied, and studied today for that pesky SAT but I rewarded myself with doing my nails since I did finish my Senior Project Proposal! Whooo hooo! :D I have 1 major thing done, only 3 more to go. >.< But hey guys! Happy Memorial Day! Take a look on my super quick mani I have for you today -- NEON ZEBRA NAILS!!!

I do indeed love these nails <3 I was so happy that I finished something so I was like, "I need some neon." The colors I used were Yellow Polka Dot Bikini and I'm With The Lifeguard by China Glaze for the base and black acrylic paint for the zebra print. :) 

La de da, de da! Zebra print is so fun ad easy to do. :D

Bottle shot!
Yeah...  I did try to do a patriotic manicure today in honor of Memorial Day and for all of those people that have served but it failed epically. I'm so sorry! I hope you did like these zebra print nails though. :) Back to studying... Bleh.
Your Polish Pal,

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