Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Stitched Heart Nails (+ Tutorial)

 I know it's not Valentine's Day Season right now by the lack of chocolates, flowers, and jewelry bombarding stores and TV advertisements but I don't care! :D I want to have some cute lovey-dovey nail art even though it's "not in season" right now. 

You've heard of Christmas in July, so why not Valentine's Day in July? ;) Keep reading to see more photos of my stitched heart nails and for a tutorial on how to make your own!

 These are just so cute. I can't get over them!

The polka dot accent just completes this Valentine's Day manicure. 

Mkay, here is my Stitched Heart Nail Art Tutorial. I just started off with a white base and using my nail art brushes from the Born Pretty Store (10% off discount code: JZX31) plus acrylic paint, I painted the black "stitches" on and the heart. 

This manicure is really easy to do and the end result is just perfect! Oh, and the polishes I used are:
Nina Ultra Pro Cherri Berri (red)
Seche Porcelain II (white)
+ black, red, and white acrylic paint

Thumb shot. ;)

And just a really random collage of my Valentine's Day themed nails. :) Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you liked my nail art tutorial!

Would you wear these nails for Valentine's Day?

Your Polish Pal,