Thursday, July 30, 2015

My First Complete Glitter Placement Manicure

There is #ThrowBackThursday for nail art, right? Haha... if you're a blogger, you might feel me. I did these nails 2 weeks ago but just never got to posting them on the blog. There were reviews that needed to get done and bigger, better nail arts to post. xD But alas, I decided I will show you all my first complete glitter placement manicure because it didn't turn out that bad. :O 

You heard it. This is my first glitter placement manicure where I covered every inch of my nail! I didn't think I would have the patience with these teeny-tiny glitters, but it was actually quite calming. :)

I really liked the colors that I ended up with. Too bad my stinking index nail decided to have a bad break that day. It was so bad that I had to file the rest of my nails in order for them to look semi-similar. Of course I made the awful mistake to round them all out though to cover the bad break...

From this upside down pose, the round nails don't look that bad but trust me. I will NEVER round out my nails just for "kicks and giggles" again. I am so jealous of those people that can pull of any nail shape. I was not blessed with that skill. :'(

Oh wells. The only polish I used was Sinful Colors Black on Black as the base and then these little glitters are from Michael's! I didn't realize they were so small when I bought them but they worked well. :) Take that first glitter placement manicure! 

And just for fun, here is a thumb shot! I think I counted 107 individual hexagonal glitters on this nail alone... yes, glitter placement nails are only for those that are weird/have enough patience (and time). I can't wait to try this technique out with other colors AND my regular square nails, that's for sure!

What colors would you like to see in a glitter placement manicure?

Your Polish Pal,

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  1. These look awesome! It must have taken a while to do.