Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pastel Dinosaur Nails

Ah man, I am very happy with these pastel dinosaur nails. I was playing with SinfulColors' new A Class Act Collection and decided to use a few of the pastels to create these adorable little dinosaur nails. If you've been following me for a while, you'll recognize that I recreated them from July 2013. ;) Check out my original dinos here! Keep reading to see more photos and information. :)

I love everything about these little guys! Here is how my full hand turned out. :)

Hehe, I did paint on "RAWR" and "UR DINO-MITE" just for kicks. Yes, it's like dynamite but dino... haha, punny eh? ;)

Bottle shot! I'm holding Truth or Lavendare by SinfulColors.

The little dino on my middle finger was so hard for me to paint. >.< I didn't get his neck as long as I wanted... Poor guy. It's a little stubby but he's still adorable. 

The polishes I used are:
SinfulColors Chalk it Up (green)
SinfulColors Pink Break (pink)
SinfulColors Truth or Lavendare (purple)
+ black and white acrylic paint

And of course I couldn't go without showing off my little stegosaurus. Goodness, both of my dinosaurs are little chubs but I like them like that. :)

Would you wear these dinosaur nails? 

Your Polish Pal,


  1. woww look at this, your nails loook sooo cute, love the details that you added look at that little dinausour!! It looks so lovely ;)