Sunday, August 16, 2015

Hot Pink Floral Nails

It is a neon pink kind of day! :D Today is just a quick share of these new floral water decals from the Born Pretty Store. There are actually 2 different patterns on this decal sheet and I am showing off the bottom floral first. :)

These water decals are super easy to work with -- you just stick them in the water and wait for a few seconds for the design to come off the paper. Then apply to a dry nail and boom!

I am wearing these decals over Fuchsia Rage by Nina Ultra Pro. The hot pink and the black are so pretty together!

Okay, so quick warning with these decals: they smell extremely heavy of plastic. Like so heavy, that the plastic smell lingered on my fingers for 2 days after I had the decals on. They do last a long time with topcoat; I wore these for 3 days without any major signs of wear or tear. But seriously, if you're sensitive to smells, I wouldn't recommend these water decals. They're just really cheap (only $2.99) but that's just it, the quality isn't great. It certainly works though if you're only looking for pretty nails. 

I'll be showing the other decal design soon -- this water decal is product #20611 and my 10% off BPS discount code is JZX31. Thanks for checking out my nails!

Your Polish Pal,