Thursday, August 20, 2015

Kawaii Star and Moon Nails

I am in love with these kawaii star and moon nails. You could say I'm over the moon actually (pun intended). ;) They were 100% inspired by the lovely Mina over at Cubbiful. You can check out her original star and moons nails here. :) Please keep reading to view more of these super cute guys!

I am just on a roll lately with these cute-y nails...

I mean, let's get real. This little moon is darling. And man, she was so difficult for me to draw. >.< I had to redo her at least 4 times because the crescent shape wasn't working for me baha!

Luckily her little star friends were easier to draw. <3

You don't usually see me sporting matte nails. but how could I resist these? They look like they could be in a children's book or something. :) 

The only polish I used here is Listening to Blue Reed by Wet n' Wild. The yellow, pink, light blue, black, and white is acrylic paint. :)

There is no way that we could forget this little star buddy closeup!

And just for funsies.. I added Seche Vite to see how these guys would look shiny. xD 

Do you prefer these star and moon nails shiny or matte?

Your Polish Pal.