Wednesday, August 19, 2015

White Cat and Polka Dot Nails

Hello, hello! Have you guys seen those white cat nails with the black polka dots that have been floating around the internet for a while? They are so cute that I decided to finally take the time to recreate them on my nails! This kitty just looks so cute with the classic polka dots. :) Keep reading to view more photos of these cat nails!

I tried to be cool too and add "Meow" on my thumb just for kicks and giggles.

I wouldn't say these nails are purr-fect (yes, I just went there), but they're pretty darn close! xD

The lettering that I used is definitely a favorite. It looks so simple there chilling with the little cat.


I went to out yesterday and someone thought that these were stickers! Having to say, "No, I paint these myself actually!" is one of the coolest things to say. :)

The only polish I used was Chalkboard by SinfulColors. I then used black and white acrylic paint to do the cat and the polka dots. 

And one last photo of my thumb as always. ;) Meow.

Do you have any cats? :O I have 3... hehe.

Your Polish Pal,