Sunday, December 22, 2013

Easiest Snowflake Tutorial

When you realize that Christmas is only 3 days away and you haven't even done a Christmas mani yet... YIKES! This year is possibly the busiest year of my life so I've been kind of out of it. xD But hey! Today I have for you the easiest snowflake tutorial ever! ;) These only take a few minutes to do and they turn out super duper cute! So go ahead and take a look below to see what we're going to make and keep reading for the snowflake tutorial!
Easiest Snowflake Nailart Tutorial Ever
1. Start off with any base color you want. Obviously I used a nice blue but you can use any color you want! (E.g. Black, red, gold, etc.) My base is Wet n Wild Listening to Blue Reed.
2. Next draw one straight line going down your nail. I used white because snowflakes are white... xD But you can use whatever color matches your base (e.g. silver would make gorgeous snowflakes).
3. Now draw a line going across the middle of your first line so you'll have a cross shape.
4. Draw some "V" shapes coming out of your cross shape.
5. Now, draw 4 little lines coming out of the corners of your cross like so.
6. Finally, if you want to fill in the empty space, feel free to add some dots in various sizes for 'snow'.
Look at how simple that snowflake was! I think it's a great winter nail art tutorial that even beginner nail artists can do with easy. :)
I did put snowflakes on all of my nails but as always, this design would make the cutest accent nail!
These took me like 5 minutes to do and they're so simple! In fact, I first did them on my right hand as you probably saw in my snowmen nails AND I did them on my little sister's nails too. ;) I sadly did not get a picture of them but they were so stinking adorable. xD We added glitter to hers!
And one last thing I'd like to mention guys... I GOT ACCEPTED TO MY #1 COLLEGE AND ALSO ACCEPTED INTO THE HONORS PROGRAM OF ANOTHER COLLEGE!!! :D Hehe.... I'm so thrilled! I probably won't go to my choice college just because of cost (it's a private school -- I love it though!) but hey, the school that I'm most likely going to, I'll be in the Honors College. ;) I'm so pumped. xD It's been an early Christmas present! Your Polish Pal is going places. ;)
Your Polish Pal,

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