Friday, December 27, 2013

W is for Water (Something)

W is for Water (Something) Nails
Bahahaha. Sooo guys, you know that I wanted to try water marble nails really badly for this ABC Nail Art Challenge because I wanted to challenge myself of course! Yeah, I only tried once though and guess what? Only my middle finger nail turned out looking good. xD How ironic. I contemplated leaving it as an accent nail but it just looked funky on my middle finger (instead of my ring) so I took it off and tried water spot nails. Those didn't really work out like I wanted but hey! I have water something nails. ;) Take a look below and keep reading for better photos.

See what I mean by I don't know what the heck to call them?!
I attempted to do water spots after trying water marble but they ended up looking like true marble (as in the stuff you put on the floor/countertops ;)).
So for this mani, I used Sephora Sorry... Calendar's Full! as my base. Then I used Wet n Wild Black Crème for the black stuff. xD
Although these aren't the perfect water marble nails/water spot nails, I love the way these turned out! It looks like saran wrap nails or like splattered paint nails but then again they truly do look marble (floors) baha. I guess this mani is just unique. :) I don't know what else to call it. xD By the way, I haven't used Seche Vite (my favorite topcoat) in a while so it amazes me how shiny it is! <3 Anyway, I give you my "W nails" for this ABC Challenge. We're almost done guys. ;) We're on X! Please give me your ideas!
W is for Water (something) Nails. :) We'll call them Water Surprise Nails (This attempted water marble mani that ended being a water spotted mani but still looks like real marble in the end results... and then could be mistaken for saran wrap nails or even splattered paint. :/ Hmm.. How unique! xD)
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  1. I love these!! They remind me of those photographs of ink drops in water lol!

    1. Oh my gosh, you're right! Hehe I am going to have to try the "ink color" in something more fun. ;) I wonder if hot pink would look good over black. xD

    2. Yeah it would look great! Or you could do a neon colour over black I think that would look pretty cool too! :)

  2. Haha, "Water Surprise Nails", great name :) I love how these look! They might not be what you were aiming at, but they look great nonetheless! Sometimes accidental nail art designs are the best :)

  3. they look rather cool though!!! i like them!!!!