Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's Frosty, Baby!

It's finally time for PolishPals to do some winter nail art! Can you guys believe this is my first time doing snowmen nails?! I am stoked to show you all how they turned out. :) I was inspired by the fab @MadamLuck on Instagram.
 Yeah, you can tell I got really excited when I finished this design. One of my girl friends even commented on how much thinner and cleaner my black outlines have gotten. ;) It's true; I have improved a LOT obviously. :)
 I'm glad that I went with a light jelly base (rather than like a dark polish) because the snowmen just fit in perfectly! A dark base would have made the snowmen look too "out of place".
 The polishes I used were White Crelly and Sasuke by Jolie Polish. I made a jelly sandwich using the 2 as my base :) The rest of the colors I used (white, black, orange, blue, and purple) are acrylic paints.
 And after posting on Instagram about how most nail artists don't do both hands, I had a huge response that I was wrong... I guess I was unaware of how many people did nail art on BOTH hands. So, with that being said, you all have inspired me to start doing nail art on both hands from now on. xD So, on my left hand I have some intricate snowmen nails and on my right hand I have some cute (and simple) snowflakes. :) I'm getting better guys. ;)
And here is the mani by @MadamLuck that inspired me to do my own snowmen nails. :) Hers are obviously much more detailed (she's Madam Luck for sake's! She's one of the best :)) but I'm still pretty proud of mine.
Thanks for taking a look at my first Winter manicure this year! I hope to bring you all some more cute winter nail art soon. :) Feel free to leave any suggestions on what to do! I'd love some help picking. xD I think I want to try holly nails next... ;)
Your Polish Pal,

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