Saturday, December 14, 2013

Delicate Daisies

I understand this is totally unseasonal but who doesn't love a good floral mani?! The best part is, my friends, that I actually did BOTH hands and my right hand actually isn't too shabby! I've been out of practice for a while (since I hardly ever do nail art on my right hand) but keep on reading to check it out. :)

This is my first time doing nail art with 2 (3 if you count my thumb xD) nails being solid colors and 2 having designs on them. I think the flowers turned out great!

For this mani, I used Nina Ultra Pro French Pink (nude), Wet n Wild The Gold & The Beautiful (gold, no duh!) and Ebony Hates Chris (black). The white and black used for the flowers are acrylic paint. 
 So this is my left hand -- It turned out so good, yeah? xD
And here is my right hand! SEE?!?!?! It's not terrible! I am really proud of myself for doing both. xD All my friends flipped when they noticed I did both hands for once. :)
And credit to Karissa @lifeisbetterpolished on Instagram for the inspiration! <3 Her manicures are always perfection. :)
I hoped you like my little daisy nails! I need to start doing some Christmas nails but heck, I needed to do both hands for once and these daisies were perfect and quite easy. :) Enjoy!
Your Polish Pal,

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