Thursday, December 19, 2013

Merry & Bright by Incoco

And now I have my LAST post of Incoco's Winter 2013 Collection Appliques. ;) I saved the best for last of course so take a quick look at Merry & Bright! These nail strips are super gorgeous!
Merry & Bright Applique by Incoco

 Merry & Bright is a fun water marble design with a metallic gold base. The water marble look uses red and pink.
 I could never ever do water marble nails THIS perfect so Incoco nail strips make this popular nail design pain free. ;)
 Yes, yes.. it's cheating but who cares when your nails look this good?!?!
 Hehe.. my nails are getting long again guys! I love them this length. :)
 Be jealous of my festive watermarble nails. ;) (Remember although these are "fake" and nail stickers, the stickers are made out of nail polish and are quite easy to apply!)
And thumb shot! <3
Hey guys... I am finally done with showing you the wonderful Incoco Winter 2013 Collection! I don't know why I decided to do 4 separate parts. xD Oh well, it worked out fine in the end! Can you tell this was my favorite nail applique by Incoco? :) Which one was your favorite? Galactic Glitz comes in a very close second for me though! Now, go forth and definitely invest in some Incoco Nail Appliques because these are my favorite nail stickers ever! They have the cutest nail art designs ever -- so that means people that aren't good at intricate nail art can easily have their right hand and left done for a future party or something. ;) I mean, these nail stickers are only $9 dollars (a pack comes with more than enough appliques for both hands) and they can stay on for up to 2 weeks. I'd suggest only wearing this RIGHT before the event though because they do stay on BUT the tips do get wore downed relatively fast (like within 2 days you'll notice some wear on the tip of your nails). But other than that, these nail stickers are the BEST. I love Incoco!
Your Polish Pal,

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