Sunday, December 15, 2013

Galactic Glitz by Incoco

Hey everyone! For the next few days, I will have for you some super fun Incoco nail appliques from their Winter 2013 Collection. :) I have a total of 4 different appliques and decided it'd be more special to have several pictures of each print rather than one huge post with only one photo of each. Besides, it gives me more time to flaunt each design. ;) So let's start checking out these Incoco designs!
Galactic Glitz Strips by Incoco
So first of all, if you don't know what Incoco is, then you're missing out! Basically, Incoco is my favorite nail applique makers; meaning yes, these are nail stickers! :D The reason why they're my favorite though is because these nail strips are not made of vinyl or plastic like other brands. Instead, Incoco makes their nail stickers (appliques, same deal) out of 100% nail polish meaning you can easily take these off with nail polish remover. I've already posted a review about Incoco on my blog which describes the product in greater detail along with how to apply the appliques -- you can find that review here. So the rest of this post (along with the future Incoco posts) will be solely swatches of the specific applique. :) Without further ado, let's take a look at their Galactic Glitz design!
This design is described perfectly with it's name! It totally looks like a galaxy with it's black base and purple, green, and gold glitters.
 Galactic Glitz is part of Incoco's New Year's Eve Collection and you can totally see why. <3
And one last shot of Galactic Glitz Applique by Incoco!
Thanks for checking out Part 1 of Incoco's Winter 2013 Collection. I can't wait to show you all the rest of the appliques. :) You can purchase these for $7.99 at Find Incoco on Instagram and Facebook too! :)
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