Saturday, December 28, 2013

X is for X Marks The Spot!

X is for X marks the spot nails.
Arggggh mate-y! Lookie what I have fer ye today -- some wee pirate themed nails! Did I forget to mention that I had a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon with my sister? xD Yes. This is a perfect mani to conclude the hours I spent watching Johnny Depp. <3 Keep reading to look at what I did on my thumb! It's probably my favorite part of this entire manicure. xD

So, a follower on Instagram was kind enough to suggest this mani for X nails! Thanks so much Holly, @hollyzhedgehog :) It's such a perfect idea.
The base color is Sephora Neutral Beauty sponged with a bit of China Glaze Mahogany Magic for the grunge effect. ;) And the red inside the X is Wet n Wild Red Tape. Black and white is acrylic paint. And I opted for a matte finish rather than glossy because no one wants a shiny treasure map. xD
I was inspired by the flawless Christa over at her blog ChrissyAi. You can see her treasure map mani here. I did copy her little icons on the map so I don't exactly know what I drew... I am thinking the little M things are supposed to be mountains. I initially thought they were birds but they're probably mountains xD And then of course a little boat, and compass! Those other things might be trees... I'm not entirely sure. xD OOOOH! Thumb nail. ;)
"Beware of Beasts" -- I love this nail! I thought the font I used was perfect for this pirate theme.
So there you have it ladies, I have you a treasure map mani! Yargh. ;) I think they turned out super cute, don't you? Or as Captain Jack Sparrow would say (because you can't have Jack Sparrow without the Captain title), "Savvy?" Okay guys, we are almost done with this ABC Nail Art Challenge. We're on letter "Y"! Leave your ideas below please and stop by tomorrow to see what I end up doing. Thanks everyone!
X is for X marks the spot nails.
Your Polish Pal,


  1. I love these nails, They look so cute!
    The brown color from sephora by OPI looks amazing on your nails!

    Xx julia

  2. These are so cool! Exactly like a treasure map!