Saturday, December 7, 2013

U is for Umbrella

U is for Umbrella Nails
I know it's winter and you may have freezing temperatures and snow but I can always dream about rain. <3 I love rain -- the smell, the sound, the feel. So today I have for you some Umbrella Nails for my ABC Nail Art Challenge! :D I was inspired by Kelsie over at Kelsie's Nail Files. Keep reading this post to see my umbrella nail art tutorial along with some more pictures of this fun mani. :)

 I'm singing in the rain! :D I was asking everyone on Instagram if I should do raindrops or musical notes and the majority said I should do musical notes since the umbrellas already mean it's raining. xD
I actually used all nail polish for this manicure besides the black which is acrylic paint. So, I used Wet n Wild Teal Slowly and See for my base color. Then the umbrella colors are Wet n Wild Who is Ultra Violet? (purple), Sally Hansen Pacific Blue (dark blue), OPI Dutch Tulips (red), Color Club Almost Famous (yellow), and Sally Hansen Sun Kissed (orange). Wow, that's a mouthful!
It's sad that my favorite umbrella was the purple which you can't even really see in the pictures. :(
Soooooo here is a thumb shot! :D I love my little purple umbrella nail. xD
And here is my little umbrella nail art tutorial! I know these are more of a Spring type mani, but umbrellas can be adorable year-round! :D The steps are pretty self explanatory but a hint for the last step: you don't need to fill in the lines perfectly. In fact, I just slapped that red OPI color into the lines and covered up most of my black. After that color you want for your umbrella dries, I re-painted the entire black outlining so it'd be perfect again. :) Don't think I filled in the lines perfectly the first time. xD
So, I give you U is for Umbrella Nails for my ABC Challenge! Specifically to one of my readers, Brooke, who left a 'pleasant' comment about how I never finish ANYTHING, I do. :) I just get busy and can't always do nail art nor do I feel like it when people like you leave nasty comments. So there you go girl! You wanted the conclusion of the ABC Nail Art Challenge and I'm doing it before 2013 ends! :D It's finals week though so you won't see me until probably Friday. College comes before blogging. :)
Anyway, thanks again Kelsie for the inspiration! Be sure to check out her umbrella nails too. :) Any suggestions for V nails?
Your Polish Pal,


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