Monday, December 23, 2013

Festive Glitter Placement

Yeah, yeah, we only have TWO more days until Christmas. ;D I opted for a much more festive glitter placement mani today which was completely inspired by one of my favorite people on Instagram, Cathy @catsnails. In fact, Cathy and I decided it was time to do a #maniswap. ;) Keep reading to figure out what exactly a mani swap is and to see what we both came up with. Here is a quick shot of my nails that were inspired by her!

I can't believe that I've had this red polish by Sally Hansen for almost 2 years... Someone bought it for my birthday but I've just never had that urge to try it out. xD
It's not exactly my 'type' of red either. xD But I give you Sally Hansen Honeymoon Red with some loose holographic silver glitters. :)
This mani made my nails look so long and elegant! Red may not have been the best color choice but hey! Festive themed nails guys. ;) I bet this would be stunning with a dark matte blue and gold glitters! I must try that ASAP. :)
Okay, so what the heck is a Mani Swap? Well a mani swap (#maniswap) is exactly what it sounds like! You and a friend literally swap manicures. :) It's very similar to the #bestietwinnails except you're obviously doing 2 different manicures rather than matching ones. I love this concept because you can choose ANY manicure that your friend did! As you can see, I chose Cathy's orange glitter placement mani to recreate and she chose my Christmas Present Nails back from last December. (Yeah it's pretty embarrassing if you/your friend chose to do a super old mani because you're thinking "WHAT THE HECK WAS I DOING?!?!?! I posted that on the internet....?" Exactly my thoughts when Cathy was like "Oh! I'm going to do these nails, Jenna!" while I'm sitting there and face-palming myself.
And here is just more photo of @catsnails super cute present nails with gold ribbon! She wanted to add that she was inspired by Lucy over at her blog Lucy's Stash too. :) Thanks so much Cathy for doing a Mani Swap with me -- I love how our nails turned out. <3
Your Polish Pal,

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