Monday, December 30, 2013

Z is for Zzz...

Z is for Zzz... Nails
My friends. I would like to show you the last mani for this ABC Nail Challenge (2013). I've never finished one of these types of challenges before (31 Day Nail Challenge? Bahaha. I doubt I'm going to attempt that again). I am pleased to finally finish because I can finally get back to doing whatever I feel like doing. ;) Without further ado, take a look at how I interpreted Zzz.. Nails to be! (You might want to keep reading to see how my thumb actually turned out too xD).
Yeeees! I have the theme of "Counting Sheep (Before You Sleep)" on my nails!
That's what I thought of when thinking of Zzz.. As in catchin' some Zzz-s. (If you're one of my international friends that may not understand this idiom, that's okay. xD Basically it's just the letters we associate with sleeping and you're supposed to count sheep when you want to fall asleep. Nope, it doesn't really work though.)
The only polish I used was Pure Ice French Kiss. The rest of the colors are acrylic paint. I've had this nail polish for at about 4 years... xD It was one of my first colors! I had to put a lot of nail thinner in though since it was thick and gunky of course. :p I just don't have another good blue like this lol!
And here are the little Z's n my thumb! Haha, I did have to file down my thumb a bit because it was getting way too long! I was suggested to do this Zzz.. manicure from Katie, @klohall on Instagram.
This manicure is by @pinkdu5t on Instagram. :) I tried to do her sheep's eyes but I failed epically and opted for simple dots instead. xD (I'm sorry I can't make the photo any bigger! I didn't want to distort the photo quality by increasing the pixels. :p I'm just going to leave it like this so it's not blurry. :))
We are DONE!!!! *~<;D Hurray for successfully completing my first nail challenge ever! I've learned that I'm not very good at doing these things because I often get discouraged and feel so uninspired. :p I want to be able to do swatches again along with whatever nail art I want -- And I will do just that starting with this new year. ;) Thank you everyone for all the suggestions that you've commented! They really, really helped me. <3
Z is for Zzz.. Nails. Now it's time for me to catch some Zzz-s now that this ABC Challenge is officially completed!
Your Polish Pal,
(P.S. BAHAHA JK! I have to finish like 4 different college essays! ;D I wish I enjoyed writing more. :/ Wish me luck..!)


  1. This is so stinkin cute! That little lamb is just a doll :D

  2. That wee sheep is too cute! Love the blue as well!

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  4. The sheep looks so cute! I love the matte effect :)