Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Duo by Glitter City Polish

We all love Christmas theme polish, yes? :) Well that's great because I have a few more beautiful polishes to show you from Jeannette from Glitter City Polish. xD These glitter polishes from her Christmas Duo are super pretty! You can probably take a guess to which one is my favorite. ;) Keep reading to see the swatches! <3
Blue Christmas & Candy Cane Crystal

 Let the swatches begin!
We're going to start out with Candy Cane Crystal -- Candy Cane Crystal is a white shimmer based polish filled with little red and silver holographic glitters.
I am wearing 3 coats of Candy Cane Crystal with no undies and no topcoat!
You could easily use this polish as a glitter topper over a silver base but I was quite happy with just the white shimmer base.  
Mooooohahaha! Now THIS makes me feel like the glitter polish queen. I adore Blue Christmas!  
Blue Christmas is an awesome, awesome pure blue glitter polish with some flecks of silver. The coverage on this was flawless; I used 2 coats, no undies, and no topcoat!
I literally feel magical wearing Blue Christmas. This is a must!!
So here are a few quick swatches of Glitter City Polishes Christmas Duo! You can buy each polish for $8 each or by the set together for $15. :) I'd totally recommend Blue Christmas for sure! Check out the rest of what Jeanette has to offer from her additional lines which you can find here. Follow her Facebook and Instagram for additional info on upcoming sales and collections. :) Now, which polish is your favorite? xD
Your Polish Pal,


  1. blue christmas.... Oh. My. God.

  2. Have you finished that ABC challenge yet? Seems like even that is too hard for you...

  3. Beautiful colors!!
    I love this polishes, they are perfect for Christmas

    Xx julia