Friday, November 29, 2013

Holiday Line by First Loved Designs

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving! :D (I almost said Christmas because as you can guess, I will be swatching some Christmas themed nail polishes for you today. xD) It's time I get back to some swatching so I have for you today a couple polishes from First Loved Designs by Lisa! I recently found my mom's camera (ahem.. yes.. I may be "stealing" this camera soon too ;)) so I was just playing with all this awesomeness and I am like wooooah by it's camera quality! I hope you guys notice the definite improvement my picture quality is and hope you like it. So, without further ado, let's start swatching!
King of Kings & Tree of Life by First Loved Designs

Okay, so first of all, that first bottle shot of those polishes was pretty epic, was it not? ;) Yup. This new camera is awesome. Anyway!! Back to polish -- so before I actually start swatching I just want to show you a quick picture of how these polishes were packaged.
Each polish came wrapped with lots of tissue paper to protect them but then were put into these adorable cream colored boxes! And on top of that, each polish has these adorable little purple and white bows tied onto the cap. (You can easily slide them off). I just was super surprised by the packaging! I don't think I've gotten anything wrapped so cutely before. :) Thanks so much, Lisa!
So first up I have for you is King of Kings! King of Kings is a gorgeous blue polish with a satin finish. I do have to warn that this polish is pretty thin -- I had to use 4 coats to reach full opacity but I don't mind at all. This color is just so perfect! (I'm NOT wearing any topcoat with this either).
It's impossible to have too many blue polishes in your collection! This polish fits in quite well. ;) And how does this hand pose look? I unfortunately am having a hard time doing my normal poses but that's okay. New camera, new poses. ;) 
And just one final shot of King of Kings :) So, so pretty!
Next up I have Tree of Life. :) Tree of Life is a basically an evergreen green (hehe.. I'm so clever) filed with red and green glitters. This shade is opaque is 2 easy coats.  Once again, no topcoat! I liked this matte finish!
As you probably noticed, I also tried a black background just for fun. ;) The dark green polish was begging for a background that wasn't white haha! This polish totally looks like a Christmas tree. :) I love it! 
So guys, do you like my new camera? ;) And do you prefer the white or black background? I'm going to have to play around a little bit more but I think this whole iPod camera isn't going to be around much longer!
Final Thoughts:
There isn't anything bad I can say about this indie brand! First Loved Designs has the cutest packaging and her polishes apply like a dream. :) Of course my favorite out of these two is King of Kings but it's only because I've had a thing for polishes with a satin finish lately. Tree of Life is a very unique green that just screams Christmas!
If you're interested in purchasing from First Loved Designs, be sure to check out their Etsy shop here and follow Lisa on Instagram @firstloveddesigns for future collections and information.  
Your Polish Pal,

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