Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Nautical Nails

Hey-ho ladies! I finally have some nail art to show you all! ;D My friend Janet from Instagram, @janet_m1, always has the cutest manicures. She had this one mani in particular that was inspired a quote and as soon I saw it, I was like "I need to do nails inspired by a quote!" :) I adore quotes. <3 Luckily, Janet does as well so we decided it was time to do find a awesome quote and do some bestie twin nails. :) And this is what we ended up with; our first time doing nautical nails!! I think they turned out so cute.

This is the quote we were inspired by: 
"Be the one to guide me but never hold me down".  
For these nautical nails, Janet and I decided that we wanted the blue, gold, and white color scheme. :) I used Sinful Colors Midnight Blue, Orly Luxe, and Wet n Wild Blank Canvas. (Moooohahahaha! You all should be super proud of me because I did not use ANY acrylic paint. xD) I did actually "cheat" in another way though.. I literally used tape for my gold stripes. Instead of doing a tape mani and removing the tape for instance, I painted the tape gold and waited for it to dry. Then I just cut the tape into stripes, trimmed it to fit my nail, and stuck it on... hehe it worked! I now have basically perfect stripes. :)
The gold and white was really hard to photograph -- I apologize for the wacky exposure. On our thumbs we went with wheels! ;D I love the way these turned out! Now I want to try in a red and silver combo. :) 
Finally, here is how Janet's nails ended up alongside mine. :) Her anchor is flawless! <3 Haha, you can tell I was tying to recreate her pose. xD
Thanks so much Janet for being my nail bestie and doing bestie twin nails with me!!! The quote you found was perfect. :) I hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving break!
Your Polish Pal,

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