Friday, November 15, 2013

Mermaid Collection by Jolie Polish

Hey everyone! I finally have the Mermaid Collection by Jolie Polish to share with you today! I've had these swatches done for a week but once again I've just been so busy -- But hey, hey, hey! Let's get started with some lovely macros from Bory before we move on to the swatches. ;)
From left to right: The Heartbreaking Mermaid, Mermaid' Tail, and The Rockin' Mermaid.
So let's begin with The Heartbreaking Mermaid!
This fun polish is filled with various purple and white circle and hexagon glitters. Then of course we have the gossamer glitters, purple stars, and black hearts. 
I am wearing 1 coat of The Heartbreaking Mermaid over China Glaze Re-Freshmint. I really like the combo of this glitter over light color nail polishes. :) I tried over a dark purple but light looks so pretty!
Next I have up The Rocking Mermaid. This glitter topper is packed full of black, orange, hot pink, and yellow dot, square, and hexagonal glitters! There are also some purple stars just like in The Heartbreaking Mermaid but I didn't really manage to get any out for this swatch.
Once again, I only had to use one coat of The Rockin' Mermaid on top of NYC Sidewalkers. The grey and girly glitter topper is a super chic combo! 
And here is the last polish in this Mermaid Collection by Jolie Polish! My ABSOLUTE favorite of course too. :) I gave you a sneak peak a few days ago with my last swatch but this is the Mermaid's Tail matted!! Luckily, this polish is the easiest polish to describe in the entire collection too. :) You have pastel pink, green, and purple circle glitters! It looks freaking fabulous, huh? 
 I am wearing 2 coats of Mermaid's Tail over Wet n Wild Disturbia and then added a coat of OPI Matte Topcoat because it looks so good not shiny! I tried this glitter topper over many different color combos once again but this dark plum won by far. I think any dark color makes the pastel dot glitter really stand out. <3 
Okay, I was sent one more polish called White Crelly which is basically just a super, super thin white nail polish made specifically for jelly sandwich nails! I am going to have to make a FAQ post about "Jelly Sandwich" nails and a tutorial on how to do them.. Basically you can make any polish look like Jolie Polish's Choji if you love that style! (Check out my jelly swatches here). I am wearing 4 coats of White Crelly but that's just because I wasn't making a jelly sandwich mani. The basic description is you put one coat of this crelly on your nails and when that dries, add any chunky glitter of your choice. Then add another layer of crelly. Continue until you have that jelly sandwich look you want! I know.. kind of confusing but I will explain someday. :) 
I told you I tried Mermaid's Tail with a ton of different combos! This is over that White Crelly and I added a cute little accent nail with loose glitter to represent mermaid scales! Isn't it so cute?!?
Final Thoughts:
Do you guys remember when I had some slight issues with the formula? Well Bory pretty much fixed that! Mermaid's Tail still was a little hard to apply because the glitters are so small and tend to slide off the brush when you're trying to just pick up the brush. But other than that, the rest are on par and that White Crelly is a must have if you love jelly sandwich manis! It's so versatile and I truly think Jolie Polish has the best jelly polishes (like Choji). :)
I'm so sorry it took so long to post but how about we celebrate with a Jolie Polish Giveaway in a week? ;) Hmm..? As soon as my last midterms are finished with (next Thursday), I will be ready to host my first giveaway! So follow me @polishpals and @joliepolish on Instagram!
 Happy Friday everyone!
Your Polish Pal,
(P.S. Right now Jolie Polish is having a sale! Spend $25 and get free shipping! The mini mermaid collection is only $10 and you're going to want them all plus maybe a full sized Choji, Sakura, and White Crelly. ;) Start shopping now!)

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