Friday, November 8, 2013

Shattered Glass

I freaking love glitter. It literally makes everything better.
Today I have for you some shattered glass nails that were inspired by Anna over at her blog AnnaT Nails. I did these nails Tuesday and I honestly don't ever want to take these off... Keep reading to see some legit pictures of this mani but I am warning you now, when I say picture spam, I mean it! ;)

Heeeeeey! You've continued reading! :) It must be fate. ;) So basically what the heck are these nails? They are NOT STICKERS. OMG, I've been getting so many questions on how I did them lol! The process is actually extremely easy. You're going to need that Martha Stewart Hexagonal Glitter that I used in my last Mermaid Nails post and some scissors to cut up the hexagons.
It seems a little drastic to cut up the chunky loose glitter by hand but you can't deny that it's worth it. xD It's best if you get a little pile of the glitters and then just cut them all up into random flecks. The base polish is Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris and then I used clear nail polish to stick the flecks on and a mechanical pencil for the gitter placement part. Once again, PLEASE check out the complete Loose Glitter Placement Tutorial here!
Now here are the actual "good" photos I was talking about. xD My only camera I use for blogging is my 5G ipod. Bahahaha yes, I got it for Christmas and it works well enough! :) Okay so I'll tell you the story of why I did ths whole pretty scenery background instead of my regular "boring white" one.
So I was waiting for my math class to start (Business Math 201 if anyone wants to take a guess on my major xD) and it was too hot in the building where I was studying because I'm such a diligent student. I was walking around and saw these pretty dying bushes outside. So contradicting but it was true! I decide to be "THAT PERSON" and go take pictures of random which included some pictures of my current mani. I think they turned out quite nice! I didn't know my iPod could take such good photos baha. xD Well anyway, when I was trying to re-enter the building, I realized that I got locked out the back door I took and I was forced to walk aaaaaaall the way around to the front of the building again (which included a ton of stairs). And if you know me, I hate stairs. xD Moral of story -- don't be a dork like me unless you want to make more work for yourself. ;)
And here is one last photo of my shattered glass nails! I wanted to call them stained glass but they really actually look like a mirror shattered. :) If you're interested in checking out Anna's shattered glass mani, click here. Instead of using loose silver glitter like I did (remember I cut mine into shards with scissors), she used glitter from a nail polish. Either way creates a gorgeous ending result! :) Thanks for checking out this mani -- I might have to stop blogging now... I honestly would keep this on forever... <3

Your Polish Pal,


  1. i love that last pic! was it a raspberry bush? xD

    1. I loved those random bushes outside campus too! I'm going to have to take more of those "scenery" pics. ;) And baha, I have no idea actually. It looks bigger than a raspberry but definitely not a strawberry bush.. I have no idea. xD

  2. I am going to have to do this before my math class, Math 103. Finishing up my AA in Cosmetology