Friday, November 22, 2013

Galaxy Nails (Take 2!)

I just finished taking the last few tests before finals and right now (as I type this out) begins my Thanksgiving Break. Yeeeeeeeees. I literally have spent every minute of this past week on studying or writing papers. I actually look forward to finals week because at least the tests are all on different days! Okay, let's have a happy dance. *happy, happy dance!* And let's celebrate with some galaxy nails. ;) Look at how long my nails are getting again too! :D

 So the only reason why  did galaxy nails was because I was swatching some indie nail polishes I haven't worn in a LOOOONG time and decided to do some nail art with them. With that being said, I have for you Different Dimension Out of Space Convertible.
This polish was a part of the Santa Baby Collection from 2012. I was just feeling these purple, pink, and blue holographic glitters though. I am wearing 3 coats + topcoat. There are no undies and glitter polish is very dense so you shouldn't have a problem with coverage! 
In person, you can see how very sparkly the glitters are so that's what inspired me to use this polish for galaxy nails! The galaxies were done by first sponging white polish on the base. Then I sponged the light purple, pink, and blue polish on top of the white to get the galaxy look. :) (If you must really know the colors, I used OPI You're Such A Budapest, NYC Water Street Blue, and NYC some color of pink that I will look up for you as soon as I get home.... xD)Then I added white stars and dots with acrylic paint. :) 
I love the way these turned out! I am so glad that I've improved a lot since the last time I did these. xD I should try those pretty pastel galaxy nails though! Instead of using dark base like a did for the background, I want to dry a light blue and use pastels then it won't be the "traditional galaxy" mani. Hmm... Thank goodness Thanksgiving break has arrived! I will have a lot of down time thank goodness. ;) If you're traveling home this weekend from college this weekend and to anyone else going away for the holiday, I wish you the safest travels and go have fun with your family and friends for sure! <3
Your Polish Pal,

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