Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Blue Mermaid Scales

Huuuuuzzzzaaaahhh! :D I finally did it guys. I bought some large loose glitter and slapped it on my nails to create some mermaid scale nails! <3 I was I was inspired to do this glitter placement by Laura, the queen of glitter placement. ;) Her blog is Polish All The Nails and you should totally check it out. I was also asked to do this by a gal at school -- she was so cute! I had my spider nails still on for Halloween and the first she did was come up to me and just grab my hands. Then she commented that it was really cool to see my nails in person since she only sees them on Instagram. xD It was seriously the best compliment ever. :) She asked if I could do some mermaid nails so I hope these turned out to be "mermaid theme" enough for you. ;) Keep reading to figure out what products I used and for more pictures of these sparkles! ;D 

So this entire manicure is made up of only loose glitter that I bought from Michael's. :D
I bought this Martha Stewart brand that had 12 different colored hexagon glitters. It was $19.99 for all 12 BUT I had a 40% off coupon that they just send out if you subscribe to their emailing list thing. So it turned out to be only like $13 total! (YES, even with tax!)
Seriously one of the best purchase I've ever made with $13 bucks. ;) I used 2 shades of blue glitter but you can hardly tell. ;P I was trying to do a glitter ombre effect.
Isn't loose glitter just the best? I have a tutorial on how to use chunky loose glitter for your nails which you can find here. :) It's a really good idea to have large loose glitters. For instance, these hexagons are .3mm I think but you could use anything from .2mm to .3mm large. :)  
Ahhhhhh, I love these. :) They look super pretty in person too. :) The only problem is that because my glitter is a little big (.3mm), they start to fall off on the edges. I think you'd have less of a problem with that if you used smaller glitters. I did use nail glue and clear topcoat but they didn't stay on for long. I do not have any undies but I used topcoat for this entire mani and a little nail glue.
Last photo! And omgggggg, it snowed. :( I am so extremely sad. :/ I was really enjoying the leaves! It's only November! Poo.
Thanks guys for checking out my loose glitter nails that I turned into "mermaid nails". Thanks Brooke for the suggestion. ;)
Your Polish Pal,

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