Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sparkle Like A Princess Collection by Glitter City Polish

Woaaaah! That's a fancy caption -- Sparkle Like a Princess Collection by Glitter City Polish. ;) How exciting! Today I have for you a quick review on some polishes based on the classic Disney princesses designed by Jeannette of Glitter City Polish. I can't wait to show you my favorites but take a look below for a quick bottle view. Can you guess what princesses inspired what bottle without me telling you? ;)

Okay guys, let's see if your guesses were right! Let's start these swatches. :)
First up we have Frog Kiss that is inspired by Tiana in the Princess and the Frog of course! Frog Kiss is a sheer green polish that has some subtle white hexagonal and square glitters. I am wearing 3 coats with topcoat -- this polish is super thin but with 3 coats, it's perfect! I don't have any green like this so I will be using this for nail art soon. xD
Next up is Beauty Sleep inspired by Aurora from Sleeping Beauty! Beauty Sleep is a shimmery pink polish filled with teeny-tiny gold holographic glitters and white hexagonal ones too. I am wearing 3 coats again plus topcoat but you could probably get away with 2 :) I just love applying this pretty pink! The satin-like finish of both Beauty Sleep and Frog Kiss make me really happy! I've never had polishes like this. xD I felt so bad leaving not adding any nail art but it's a busy time and we must continue with more fun swatches.
Wowza! Say hello to Fired Up which is inspired by Merida from Brave! Fired Up is a orange jelly base polish filled with red square glitters. I used 2 coats plus a topcoat for this swatch. I know this is supposed to represent Merida's super sassy attitude and of course her hair, but it still reminds me exactly of a pomegranate hehe.. xD
Now this is where we get to my favorites from the Sparkle Like a Princess Collection! This lovely copper polish has silver holographic glitters and is called Mother Earth because it's inspired by Pocahontas. I had to use 2 coats plus topcoat. I adore this polish since it's a total fall appropriate color! Plus, it's not too dark of a brown nor like copper penny shade. This light copper brown is seriously my perfect shade. I didn't want to take Mother Earth off at all.   
Isn't this purple stinking adorable? This is All Tangled Up based off of Rapunzel. <3 This polish is a purple based polish filled with tiny darker purple glitters and white hexagons. I am wearing 3 coats of All Tangled Up plus a topcoat, no undies! You can actually have your favorite purple as a base but I decided to deck it out with All Tangled Up. xD  
And finally, the last polish in the Sparkle Like a Princess Collection by Glitter City Polish is Blossoms which is inspired by Mulan. :) Blossoms is meant as a glitter topper with it's clear base, large white hexagonal and little red glitters. I decided to pair this fun glitter topper with Iced Merlot by Pure Ice. This wine base was just begging me to use Blossoms!
Final Thoughts:
So there are the swatches for you for Glitter City Polish's first nail polish collection! Jeannette wanted me to include that she is in the process of getting the bottle labels for her polishes and that's why the bottles I'm currently showing don't have names on them yet. :) I'm sorry for the quickie swatches -- it's been one heck of a day and I got home really late from shopping with my family haha! But here are my thoughts on the overall collection and formula: Overall, I thought the collection had a very cute concept! I love how every polish was very thought out for each Disney princess being represented! Formula wise too, these were great! I didn't have one bit of trouble with application. Obviously though, we all have different tastes in polishes though so I conclude that my favorite are Frog Kiss, Mother Earth, and All Tangled Up. The others didn't have anything bad with their formula (like I said, the quality is perfectly fine), it's just they aren't exactly what I'd use or wear often. But who know, what polishes from the Sparkle Like a Princess Collection are your favorite? :)
You can find more information on where to buy these on Glitter City Polish's website and also check out her Facebook or Instagram for future creations, sales, and updates!
Your Polish Pal,


  1. Love ur blog! pretty colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

  2. The polishes are so delicate! Beauty sleep was my favorite :)