Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hinata by Jolie Polish

Happy Sunday Swatch my friends! :D After my last post of some Jolie Polishes, I was really feeling it for Hinata, one of the jelly polishes from the Naruto Collection. My first swatch of it was when my nails were really, really short so I decided to try it on again because I adore jelly based polishes. xD So let's take a look at my new and improved swatch of Hinata. :)

 I am wearing 3 of Hinata with no undies. As you can see, this polish is a jelly based polish with white and purple hexagons and square glitters. Once again, because it's a jelly polish, the glitters get layered to make a "sandwich". (Yeah, I really need to just make a Jelly Sandwich FAQ Post ASAP...)
I can't get enough of Bory's jelly polishes! They just look so squishy when you wear them and they're so unique! <3 
I wanted to do nail art on this base -- I tried out dreamcatcher nails but it just didn't work out. :( I already uploaded a dreamcatcher nail tutorial to my Instagram which you can check out! I'm not going to upload it t the blog yet since it was Instagram Exclusive and I need a full dreamcatcher many to accompany it. :) Anyway, thanks for checking out my new swatch of Hinata by Jolie Polish! It deserved to be blogged again. :) I'm not one of those swatchers that only use a polish ONCE and then leaves it alone. :p I'll be using indie polishes in nail art from time to time. ;)
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Your Polish Pal,


  1. I've already been drooling over this one on Instagram, it's so perfect!

  2. Wooooah it's amazing! Hinata is one of my favorite Naruto characters and this polish is one of my faves from that collection ^_^