Monday, November 11, 2013

Disturbia By Wet n Wild

Okay guys. I know that I promised that I get back to swatching the polishes I was supposed to swatch but for me, I take some huge consideration in the colors that I use as undies... Sooo, while I was beginning to swatch some vraiment jolie Jolie Polishes, I tried out this new polish that I've had since my 16th birthday and I'm kind of in love. (By the way, that was 'only' a year ago but when I say it like THAT, it makes it sound a lot older than it really is. xD) Say hello to Wet n Wild Disturbia!

You know I generally don't go for those dark scary colors but sometimes you have to make exceptions for swatching PLUS it is Fall so it's okay to wear dark nail polish. I put on Disturbia, I literally didn't want to put anything on top of it. It honestly just looks so sexy! xD
Come on -- admit this vampy dark plum is extremely gorgeous. Admit it! I only used 2 coats of Disturbia and there is NO topcoat on it. I love Wet n Wild's Megalast Polishes! They're one of my favorite cheap brands. :) 
And now I have to show you what I topped onto Disturbia. :) This is Jolie Polish Mermaid's Tail which I will have more pictures of soon! It looks pretty cute on this dark color, huh? ;) Just wait until you see this baby matted -- you're going to love it even more! 
So here is one last photo of Disturbia. I filed my nails this morning so they're just a little shorter and more square. I like having a crisp and uniform square shape. :) Also, I'm so sorry if any of you have noticed my photos that I upload to Blogger are slightly blurry! I hate how they destroy the resolution. I looked up a solution for it so I'm going to try to save my photos as PNG. now instead of JPG. in hopes that contains most of the quality. I was reading that on EPBOT's blog so maybe this will help. I swear my photo quality usually isn't THAT bad. Blogger just destroys them. :/ Well, we'll upload this short swatch post and see if the photo quality is a little better.. Wish me luck! And have a great week everyone! It's midterms AGAIN (last one before finals in 3 weeks! Hurraaaay!) so I might not post until this weekend.. :( Oh well! *EDIT: Nope. The resolution is not fixed. This makes me so sad.....
Thank you to all the Veterans out there and their families too! <3
Your Polish Pal,

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