Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Spiderweb Nail Art Tutorial

 Hello, hello! I finally have my Halloween nails that I promised to show you all yesterday! I've had these on since Sunday and wanted to post them then but I decided I should wait. So today I am starting this post off by showing my classic "thumb shot". (If you take a look at my posts frequently, you'll notice that I love my thumbs and they usually turn out better than the rest of my other nails. xD Hence, the reason why I showcase them is because they're the best!) Ahem. Anyway, I suggest you keep reading if you're interested in creating your own spiderweb nails for Halloween. ;)
 So first of all, this is how my entire hand turned out. As you can see, I didn't do all of my spiderwebs in the same direction and I have a dangling spider as an accent! <3
So here is the quick little tutorial on how I did my webs. I used a striper brush and acrylic paint (read FAQ here) for this entire design but you can use a mechanical pencil (or toothpick but I prefer mechanical pencils) dipped into nail polish too. Let's get started!
Obviously this tutorial is pretty self-explanatory but here are the steps:
1. Start off with your base color. I opted for a black background and white cobwebs but you can use virtually any color you want. (E.g. Neon orange and black webs are freaking awesome).
2. Next draw a stripe from one corner of your nail to the other. This should be in the middle of your nail as a guideline because you're going to need 2 more lines!
3. Draw 2 more lines like I did in the 3rd photo where lines are mostly equal in distance apart.
4. Now in between a pair of lines, draw a little curve like a "C" just like I did. See how it looks like a smiley face's smile? :)
5. Continue drawing another little "C" curve between the next pair of lines.
6. And continue yet again with the curves! As you can see, there are now 3 lines but 4 curves connecting them all.
7. Basically repeat steps 4-6 but this time moving up a level. (I don't know how else to explain it... just continue the cobweb!)
8. Keep adding onto your web!
9. Finally!!! When you're done with your web, just add a topcoat to seal in the design and admire your awesome-ness. :)
So, if you don't feel very comfortable with all those lines, you could do a spiderweb nail as an accent instead! Do all white nails and then a black cobweb accent like mine. :) Or if you're feeling up to the challenge, let me see your spiders. ;) The only polish I used was Wet n Wild Blackmail (the black polish... obviously hehe) and Wet n Wild Blank Canvas (the white base for the spider).
And here is one last photo of my Halloween mani! Aren't these red leaves as a background super pretty? I took this picture while walking on campus early in the morning (at like 8:20AM) when hardly anyone is out but of course I get caught by some random dude and he just stared at me.... I was leaning over this bush thingy and was getting judged. What the heck?! Just kidding.. I would stare at someone too that was just taking super random pictures of their hands in front of a bush if I wasn't a blogger. xD I felt pretty epic though..
Well, I'm so sorry you guys that I didn't really do many Halloween nails but there is always next year, eh? If I don't talk to you by Thursday, I hope you all have a Happy AND Safe Halloween! <3 Go gorge yourself on tons and tons of candy and yummy snacks!
Your Polish Pal,