Monday, October 28, 2013

Spellbound by Candied Lustre

Guys.. I actually love when it's overcast outside.. why? Well, probably because it looks like it's going to rain and because lightning is pretty must consistent all day! Hence -- the reasons why my photos always look the best with this awesome lighting! So with this awesome light, let's take a look at my first Limited Edition (LE) Halloween Polish that my friend Alix, @teoqeg on Instagram, sent me just because she's amazing like that. <3 Say hello to Spellbound by Candied Lustre. I admit this isn't something I would wear alone often but you have to admit the stars are super cute. ;) Plus, can you guys keep a secret.....? Sooooo Spellbound glows too. It looks legit. Keep reading to see the splatter paint looking glow! ;D

 This polish is very unique!
It's a dark purple shade with little holographic glitters with green star glitters and shredded black shards. I've noticed a lot of trends with this shredded black glitter! Glitter no longer is just the girly sparkly stuff, eh? ;)

I am wearing 3 coats of Spellbound with no undies and topped with topcoat. The formula is fantastic! I had absolutely no issues at all. Even the star glitters came out nicely! This polish is more of a jelly base (rather than a crème) so be sure to use thin coats. Plus when you apply thin coats on top of the star glitters, it looks really squishy and jelly like. :) I did have to guide where I wanted the stars but not a big deal. I just didn't want like 5 stars on one nail and none on another. I didn't have to fish them out -- I just used the brush to place them where I wanted.
Okay, one last photo of this spiffy Halloween polish before the glow shot. ;) This is the back of the bottle and you can see the little green stars!
And taaaa-daaaa! Here is also my first glowing nail polish! <3 Spellbound with a possibility of 4 different glow in the dark colors -- each being a surprise! I guess I ended up with a green. ;) The glowing pigment did sink to the bottom of the bottle but it was easy to shake the pigment up. This is what you end up with; obviously it's not glowing 100% of the way, instead it looks more like splatter paint! I think it's pretty epic. xD Sadly, this was a super LE polish so less than 15 were made but you can still check out what else Candied Lustre Polish has to offer. :) Thank you again to Alix (yes, her name is Alix! Not Alex bahahaha ;)) for thinking of me! Dude. That ghostie tape you used to tape the box... yeah it glows too. xD
I just did the cutest Halloween nail art that I will have to wait to show you until tomorrow too. :/ I ran out of time to take pictures haha. I think you'll like it. Happy Monday happy people! xD (or at least I hope ;))
Your Polish Pal,

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