Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pusheen Nails

I looooooooove Pusheen.. My sister and I have a major obsession with her. (I literally just figured out that Pusheen is a girl. :/ I always thought it was a guy kitty! But apparently it's a girl... xD So haha yeah....) If you have no clue what I'm talking about, you check out pusheen.com and you will be welcomed with all the kitty cuteness! :D And because of my love of Pusheen, I decided to was about time to paint her. ;)

I haven't done "detailed" nail art in a while but I think this was a good mani to practice with :)
Someone was complaining that my nail are too short on Instagram. (Well... actually their words were more offensive yet childish. ;) And like I care? Nope!) I am loving my short nails and I don't know what else you can do to make them this cute. xD
My base color is that awesome Choji jelly by Jolie Polish I swatched for you guys a couple days ago! Sadly I covered up most of the glitters but it's still a fun polish to do nail art with. ;) The entire design is acrylic paint. I only used black, white, pink, yellow, and red. xD Meaning yes! I had to mix the white and the black like 10 different times (since I kept taking a break to do each cat xD) to get the grey color! Sheesh... I can' t believe I don't have grey...
And here is a semi shot of my ugly thumb. :/ I didn't like how it turned out and especially now that I know Pusheen is a girl, I can't blame it on being a fat man. :(
You have the admit the mustache is pretty epic though. xD
Thanks so much for checking out my Pusheen nails! Which one is your favorite? I have Pusheen the Sir (but who cares if it's a girl), Pusheen with Pizza, Pusheen the Unicorn, regular plain ole' Pusheen, and yeah... the Paw of Pusheen. xD Bahaha..
Your Polish Pal,

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  1. This is such a cute mani! Forget what people say, short nails are awesome. I file mine every week to make them short again :) I think the pizza cat is my favorite although you are right, the mustache is pretty epic :)