Saturday, October 12, 2013

I'm Fine With Fall!

Jenna finally has some time for some nail art! <3 Yippeeee! ;D I literally haven't done nail art since my birthday which was 2 weeks ago.. I'm a little out of practice.. But I still wanted to start to celebrate the autumn months with you all. :) So I created some leaf nails!

I haven't used this brown China Glaze since last November.. Why yes, I keep track. xD I was actually looking for my lighter and creamier brown but when I pulled out this brown first, I thought "Why not?"
So the only nail polish color I used ended up being China Glaze Unplugged which is the rich brown with some slight shimmer. This was part of the Hunger Games collection and was one of my first China Glazes in fact. xD The orange, yellow, red, and brown is acrylic paint.
Of course my classy thumb shot! :D WHY MUST YOU ALWAYS BE THE BEST NAIL?!?! >:(
I was inspired to do this mani by @_nail_bliss_ on Instagram! I totally forgot to mattify these leaves... Janice had hers shiny and then made them matte and they looked so good! Oh well. :( I'm fine with fall! ;) Soups, pumpkin bars, scarfs, boots! <3
Whoo! These leaves actually look pretty cute if I can say so myself. :) Do you have any suggestions that I can do for more fall nails or maybe Halloween nail art?
Your Polish Pal,

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