Sunday, October 6, 2013

I {heart} My Grandparents Collection by Jolie Polish

Hello my friends! It has indeed been a whole 7 days since I last posted but do not fear, I was never without polish. ;) With that being said, I have for you a new line of indie polish to introduce to you! It's called Jolie Polish by Bory (aka @rinoa1107 on Instagram). Bory actually sent me 2 collections, one being I <3 My Grandparents and the other being Naruto. For tonight, I will only be showing you the I <3 My Grandparents collection but stayed tuned for the other swatches. :) So without further ado, let's see how my swatches turned out!

Aren't these macros gorgeous?!? These photos are NOT mine. They belong to Bory!

Lets start off with I <3 U, Grandma!
I <3 U, Grandma is a glitter bomb with a clear base chalked full of tiny white glitters, small white hexagons, gossamer hexagons and squares, holographic hearts, and pink butterflies! This polish was created in honor of Bory's Grandmother Mao who passed away last month. <3
As you can see, I don't have any of the hearts or butterflies but the formula quality will be addressed below since both polishes in this collection have very similar results. I am wearing 2 coats of I <3U, Grandma over Sinful Colors Cream Pink.
If we make polish for grandma, it's only fair to make something for grandpa, right? xD Well here we have I <3 U, Grandpa which is very similar to grandma's polish -- In grandpa's polish we still have those tiny white glitters, gossamer and white hexagons, and pink butterflies but we've also added some little pink square glitters and black shards for the "masculinity"! Bahaha.. not really. ;) 
I am wearing 2 coats of I <3 U, Grandpa over Sally Hansen Pacific Blue. Don't they make a great combo?! Glitter wise... Grandpa won in my opinion. ;) But don't worry! Grandma is always the best. <3 These polishes were also made during September to celebrate Grandparents' Month! I'm so sorry I'm late on posting them. :/ (Things just get so busy!) Grandparents should be celebrated year round though anyway. :D
Final Thoughts:
As promised, I always am 100% in my reviews. So you've seen the polishes, yes? And they're really pretty, correct? Okay, let's take into consideration that Jolie Polish is a brand new indie polish line. With that being said, the formula for these 2 polishes was bit too glooby for my taste. The heavy glitters (butterflies and hearts) would not come out for me no matter how much I shook or left the bottle upside down. (Yes. I tried everything). Don't worry, I contacted Bory before this post and told her about my troubles. She said that she thinks it's because of her suspension base. She is currently using 5 free base but will probably switch to 3 free because 5 makes the glitters sink too much. The formula was NOT impossible to work with. The little glitters came out perfectly but it was the big ones I was having trouble with.
Thank you Bory for allowing me to swatch your I <3 My Grandparents collection! I will continue with the Naruto collection soon. :) Check out Jolie Polish's store here and find Bory on Instagram for the inside updates on her polish line! And OMG! :D I just realized we did a Sunday Swatch post for the first time in a while... MOOHAHAHA! :D I feel the power...
Your Polish Pal,
*I was provided the product(s) to review. I was not paid to give this review. This is my honest opinion based on my personal experience with the product(s).

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