Sunday, October 13, 2013

Naruto Collection by Jolie Polish (Part 2)

Hey everyone! Happy Swatch Sunday! :D Today I have for you the promised Part 2 to Jolie Polish's Naruto Collection :) I decided to do 2 parts to the Naruto Collection because there are 2 types of polishes -- Part 1 was the glitter bomb polishes which I posted a couple days ago and now I have Part 2, the jelly polishes. Looking at the 'preview macro shots', it looks really sad that I have a whole separate post for only 2 jelly polishes. xD I probably should have done the entire collection in one post but yeah know what, I'll just include more pictures of my favorite polish in this ENTIRE COLLECTION. ;D So without further ado, let's see the swatches!  
Macro shots are courtesy of Bory, creator of Jolie Polish.
First up, I'm going to show you Hinata!
Hinata is a lavender jelly polish with purple and white hexagons, and plum and white squares. So before we go anywhere, what the heck is a jelly?!? Well.. a jelly polish is a polish that has a very thin base and sometimes has glitters in it. :) Since the base is very thin, you will be putting thin coats of polish onto the glitter and you'll notice that there will be 'layers' of glitter polish -- aka this is called a jelly sandwich. :)
I had to use 4 coats of Hinata but remember that's only because this is a jelly polish! You could get away with using less coats if you used a base polish but what's the fun of that?! You won't get any of those fun layers. :( Keep reading to find out more about this formula.
Now for our last polish in the Naruto Collection is Choji and by chance, this ended up being my favorite polish out of the entire collection. <3 I freaking love this polish!
HOW CAN YOU NOT BE OBSESSED WITH CHOJI?!?! My goodness. Look at this jelly awesome-ness. Basically, all you need to know is that Choji is a white jelly polish that has a variety of fun hexagon glitters and is the best. I used 3 coats with no base underneath.
Final Thoughts
If you read my 2 other reviews on Jolie Polish's glitter polishes (with a clear base), you know that the only issue with application with the thickness of the base that ultimately caused all the heavy glitter to sink to the bottom. :( We do keep in mind though this is the reason why some businesses decide to send a 3rd party their products to review before releasing. Hehe... that's what I'm there for sometimes. ;) But anyway! Back to the fact, these jelly polishes by Jolie Polish were also a bit thick like the glitter polishes. Jelly polishes are best when their formulas are really thin. Unfortunately the way they came was not going to work.. so after a couple tries I realized that I could add some nail polish thinner and that did the trick. Once I thinned out both jelly polishes, it worked perfectly! But, we shouldn't have to thin out our brand new polishes. :/ Like I've been saying this entire time, I've been in full contact with Bory and she has already changed her formula and is in fact sending me some more polishes to swatch/review that will be better. A little birdie also told me that we might be having a Jolie Polish sponsored giveaway real soon.. How does that sound? ;)
Okay, after all those details, it's time for just a few extra pictures of Choji to end this major Naruto Collection Swatch Fest by Jolie Polish. This polish just makes me swoon. <3
Seriously. Does it not? This is the must, must, must have in my opinion. I've never had anything this unique before!
This makes me so sad to have to conclude the end of this collection but I must thank Bory (@rinoa1107 on Instagram) for allowing me to be one of her reviewers! In fact.. this is the first time anyone has ever allowed me to swatch an entire collection PLUS her mini Grandparent Polish Set. It's been a complete honor. So guys, you've seen Part 1 and this is Part 2, which polish is your favorite? ;) I'm going to have to stick with Choji and Sakura. <3
Your Polish Pal,

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