Friday, December 6, 2013

Dream Catcher Tutorial

Hey guys! I made this Dream Catcher Nail Art Tutorial a few weeks ago but I never completed this mani so I neglected to post it. :/ So I decided that it's finally time to post! :) If you're following me on Instagram, you would have seen it 3 weeks ago haha. xD
Here is the pictorial but continue reading to see what materials I used and the written directions.
Dream Catcher Nail Art Tutorial by PolishPals

1. Start out with any base color you want! I decided this pretty blue by Color Club (no name) would be my background for my dream catcher. :)
2. Next draw a half-circle at the top of your cuticle. I am using black acrylic paint but you could use another color such as brown for your dream catcher's thread. Or even white on a dark base would look great!
3. Next, we're going to add some easy embellishments to the circle part. You can literally add anything you want but I love how these little oval shapes look. ;D I just started in the middle and made 2 curves.
4. I continued making 2 more oval shapes coming out of the left and right sides so now you have 3 ovals in your half circle. You can probably tell this is your dream catcher's circle part. xD
5. Now draw 3 straight lines coming out of the ovals you just made. I made my middle 'string' the longest and then the left and right one are slightly shorter.
6. Finally, you MUST add some feathers! I added some little white feathers to contrast with my black strings. :) But once again, you can add whatever feather color you want!
7. You can stop at step 6 but you know that I love embellishments! So I used some gold nail polish (Orly Luxe) to make little dots in the middle of the dream catcher, on top of the feathers, and then some on the ovals. :)
And now you have some adorable dream catcher nails! ;D These would make a PERFECT accent nail if you don't want to do a full mani of dream catchers. xD
Thanks you all for taking a look at this short nail art tutorial! I just wanted to add an extra reminder that I am a college student. I don't have time to do my nails every couple days like I did during the summer. I appreciate all my followers but it's not okay when you post hate on my blog. I'm sorry I don't post every day but guess what, my life isn't surrounded around my nails. (For my friends at school, big surprise, I know haha!!) It's true though; I don't always have time and I don't care about what you say. :) I blog and do my nails because I want to.
Your Polish Pal,

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  1. What a cute manicure!
    I love this tutorial and I'm a big fan of this nails!

    Xx julia