Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Nails I Did NOT Wear To The Wedding

I know I'm taking a short break from the ABC Nail Challenge but don't worry, I have a ton of great ideas for the next few letters. ;) I've been talking a lot about the wedding and I'm sorry but I'm just so excited! I love this couple and their entire family -- we've been friends for a LONG time. :) They couple has been together for TEN years so it's about time for them to get hitched. ;) Yesterday I helped set up and I'll be helping today too we got to look good. xD I was trying to have my manicure match my outfit for today but it just wasn't working... I still LOVE this glitter gradient though! It just seemed too much like fall and I wanted something more summer-y for tonight's mani. I'll show you my outfit tomorrow and what I ended up having on my nails. But let's take a quick look at this reverse glitter gradient (or as some call it, a mermaid mani).

My outfit is a off-white sheer tank top with whit embroidery on the collar and a plum skirt so that's why I wanted to do plum nails but it turned out to look like something I'd have for autumn nails..
I love the way it looked though! I wish I could have left it on. :(
I used this gorgeous plum polish by Sephora which I currently can't name because I 1. Am using this polish for the first time and 2. Have not memorized the name by heart yet. xD So sorry about that! I will get it to you all ASAP. I think it might be What A Broad by Sephora.. And then the glitter is my favorite glitter! Santa's Magic by Finger Paints. :) (Edit: YES! The plum polish is What A Broad for sure! :))
Thanks for taking a look at the manicure that I did NOT wear to the wedding. xD Stay tuned to see what I ended up with tomorrow. ;)
Your Polish Pal,