Wednesday, December 31, 2014

PolishPals' Best Works of 2014

It has been an AMAZING year for nail art. I am sorry that I don't have any last manicures for 2014 but I want to do one last post with a wrap up of my top 10 favorite manicures this year. As you can probably imagine, this was SO hard to compile -- narrowing down 2014 to the best nail art designs that I did was fun though because I got to see how much I have grown. :) So without any further ado, let us keep reading to see Polish Pals' favorite manicures this year! (I can't do any specific order... It's too hard to do "places" by the way, haha).

Oh Happy Day Nails
 Awwww, my Oh Happy Day nails which were inspired by a Ellen Hutson's scrapbooked card. I just love the little birdies. {March 13, 2014}
Black & White Triangles Nails + Tutorial
 If anyone has notice, I'm a sucker for geometric patterns... Plus in black and white? YEEES. {July 8, 2014}
XOXO Valentines Day Nails
EEEEEP. These matte XOXO nails turned out freaking adorable. And of course the little pink bow just finishes the look. {January 25, 2014}
Girly Mix & Match Nails
 This girly mix and match manicure turned out absolutely perfect. It's a popular look on Pinterest and I decided to recreate it for fun... I didn't know it'd look as good on me. :) {July 9, 2014}
Hot Pink & Black Tribal Nails
 This was such a fun manicure to do! I made an iPhone case using a kit from Neneyuyulexiesupplie -- the hot pink and black combo go together sooooo well. Glitter is always a plus too. ;) {January 10, 2014}
Accent Nail Inspired by Sumaiya Khan's Painting
 This is my most detailed manicure of 2014; the accent nail was inspired by Sumaiya Khan's amazing painting. Goal for 2014: Do more detailed nail art. {June 24, 2014}
Black Jelly Swirl Nails
 Thanks for Jolie Polish's grand crelly polishes, I finally was able to do these black jelly nails! I LOVE how the base is like "see-through" black. {May 8, 2014}
Chic Red Floral Nails
 I don't do floral nails often but these simple red flowers on a grey and white stripe base still makes me swoon. {February 22, 2014}
Neon Splatter Paint Nails
Bahahaha, cleaning up splatter paint nails is always pain.... Unless you cheat like me and use thinned out  acrylic paint to splatter instead of actual nail polish. ;) Because when it's paint, you can just wash it off with water and soap. Mooohahaha... {August 1, 2014}
Rainbow Vertical Gradient Nails
 I guess this year was a year full of firsts; this was my very first vertical gradient and I couldn't be happier with my rainbow gradient. ROY G. BIV my friends. :) {August 17, 2014}

Woah guys. Thank you SO MUCH for a great 2014! Wishing you all the best for your 2015 whether it's with your nail art or just everyday. <3

Your Polish Pal,


  1. These were all such awesome nail art designs!

  2. your nails look so great!
    I love the quality of your photos of well :)

    xx julia