Friday, January 10, 2014

My Nails Match My Case!

Wooooah! Sorry guys for the short break in blogging but life got so busy! Basically, in the last week I went shopping with my family before classes start again, wrote a ton of essays for scholarships, and finally got registered for this semester. Stressed doesn't even begin to describe my state right now. >.< But I finally had time to do my nails, so take a look below! :) This manicure was inspired by my new iPod 5 case that I made using a kit sent to me by Neneyuyulexiesupplie. Keep reading to see the entire case and more photos of my girly nails. ;) I love the case and my nails. xD 

So first of all, here is the kit that Celeste sent me!
Make your own phone case using NeneyuyuLexieSupplie Kit
There is an iPod case in there as well as freaking adorable chunky decorations and glue. I got to customize my own kit which was great! I just told Celeste the colors I wanted and the type of decorations and she put everything together. In fact, she tried everything out on an iPod case for me and sent sample photos before I finalized the kit. For instance, she had some my little ponies on there but I wasn't too interested in them so we kept switching out decorations until it was perfect. :)
So you're going to have to put your kit together and I just made a quick tutorial on how I did it! I think the easiest way is to just figure out where you want your pieces and then put the glue directly onto the case. Then I just pressed on all the embellishments. So when figuring out where you want all your pieces, I suggest just taking the decorations and placing them on your case where you wan them. This way, you can see where everything is going to go and if everything is going to fit. It's just like puzzle piece! (This took me about 30 minutes because I'm horrible at puzzles and I'm such a perfectionist).
But hey! 30 minutes later, I have the cutest case EVER! I think this would be the PERFECT thing to do at a birthday party! Just buy enough kits/extra decorations for all your guests. :) Just make sure you know what kind of phone/iPod they have! Seriously, I love this iPod case. 
 And finally! A full shot of my nails that were inspired by my iPod base. :) I saw this design on Instagram by @mayasnailart -- she used hot pink and navy and I knew I had to recreate it. The colors I used were Wet n Wild White Crème and Black Crème, Nina Ultra Pro Fuchsia Rage (hot pink), and Finger Paints Santa's Magic (holographic silver glitter).
Super perfect combo! I think it totally matches the new case too. xD
 So here are a last few pictures of my case! Obviously before anyone starts saying this isn't an ideal phone case, it's not -- you can't stick this in your pocket but if you just put it in your purse, then it'd would be fine. :) The glue that is provided has to have time to dry and I suggest leaving your case to dry for over 3 hours before trying to use it. The decorations sadly fell off if there wasn't enough glue on it but I could always hot glue them on to make them stay permanently. :/ Once again though, this case isn't practical! It weighs a few ounces and the embellishments do fall off because they aren't  glued to the entire surface. (Like the large pink bow for instance). But the 'nerdy hello kitty' has lasted the entire time. Anyway, the customizable case is a great idea just for fun but you might not want to carry about this all day long. However, Celeste does have a ton of single decorations that you can find on her site. As long as you glue the ENTIRE surface to the case, it'll stay on. Just stuff hanging off the side fall off. And why yes, my favorite charms on here are the glitter nail polish bottles. ;) 
So thanks Neneyuyulexiesupplie for providing me with a kit to review! Take a quick look at their store to see if anything catches your eye. Even if you're not going to deck out your phone case, a few stars or something will not fall off! Contact Celeste for more information on kik at 'NeNeYuYuLexieMommy' if you want to talk about your own customizable kit or find her on Instagram at @neneyuyulexiesupplies :)
Whoohoo for first nail art and review of 2014! ;) How do you think my mani turned out?  
Your Polish Pal,


  1. Yep, the case is totally cute! Your nails totally go with it, I like how you're so adventurous with your designs.