Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hugs, Kisses, and Hearts!

Whooo! I am posting my first official Valentine's Day nail art for 2014! ;D I've actually done a couple other designs but I'm not happy with the photos I got with them. :( So I decided here, I'm going to do a cute design tonight and take pictures tomorrow morning when I wake up. And this is what I ended up with. ;) I don't know about you, but I rather please with my almost 'midnight mani' creation. Keep reading for more details and pictures!
As you may notice, this is my FIRST time using nail art bows! They spice up any nails. ;)
I was inspired by Gloria @g2thelo on Instagram with her XOXO stamping nails and then Lexie @lexiejade did a mani just like Gloria's but freehand. :) (Like mine!)
The polishes I used were OPI Every Month Is Oktoberfest as the base color and then the O's, X's, and hearts are acrylic paint. I originally had this design as shiny but you know me, I have a newfound love for matte nails so I used my OPI Matte Topcoat. ;D
 And here is one last shot with my itty-bitty thumb >.< (Don't judge! xD We all have breaks in our lives haha!)
 Now, here is a photo of all the bows that I bought recently from the Born Pretty Store. (Yes, I did buy this with my own money and I don't have a discount code for you :( Obviously I'm not 'good enough' to be a blogger for them *yet*! It kind of makes me sad but ehhh.. I just wanted the dang bows so I bought them myself xD).
 And just one more shot of these adorable little bows. :) Like I said, I've done other nail art this week but haven't posted any to my blog/Instagram. There was one other Valentine's Day mani that I did with a little black bow and I was able to keep that bow on all day long with just a little clear polish to secure it to my nail. I did actually take it off though before I went to bed though because I know they aren't made for sleeping in haha.. I don't have any "nail glue" so I don't know if that would help them stick on any longer. But anyway, just a quick FYI! I do love these little things and for $2.88, I'd say they were a steal. :) Check out for more products. :) And once again, I bought these with my own money.
I have greatly missed nail art. :) School and writing essays have been taking up so much of my time though. :( Tennis starts in like a month too.. Guys.. in summer, I'm going to be posting almost like everyday. ;) No joke.
Your Polish Pal,


  1. These are so cute! Love the bows too :)

  2. Wow, that matte topcoat just transforms Oktoberfest. Makes it look like a deep purple with a light red shimmer, perfect for the hearts and x's! And the bow is, of course, lovely and festive.