Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Black Label Nails Swatch

Hello, hello my friends! I finally have some time to post swatches of a fairly new indie brand called Black Label Nails by Jenn. I was given some minis of these polishes to swatch :) Take a look below at the bottle pictures and keep reading if you see anything that you fancy (or just to see how my nails looked on Sunday.. that works too xD).
Black Label Nails: Bottle Closeups

Let's start with the opaque polishes first!
 Here we have Champagne Supernova! This is a very pretty brown chrome. If you like silver metallic polishes, then you'll love this color. It definitely is a unique yet gorgeous shade!
I only had to use 2 coats and I didn't want to ruin the metallic finish so I opted against a topcoat.
Next up is Silver and Cold. This is your typical icy blue polish with a slight metallic look just like Champagne Supernova. Jenn has several other solid color polishes with this 'chrome' texture if you're into it. :)
Once again, I only had to use 2 coats for this shade as well as no topcoat. I do have to admit that I have a blue polish that is essentially the same shade and same finish but this formula is a LOT easier to work with and doesn't require 4-5 coat! I love that you achieve full opacity with only a couple coats. :) 
And finally, the last polish I have for you to swatch is Love Hurts. This is a clear glitter topper that has black hexs, red cirlces, and white hearts.
I am wearing this over Jolie Polish White Crelly. unfortunately the glitters often got stuck in big piles when I was trying to apply them onto my nail with brush from the bottle. I had to place almost every glitter by hand onto my nails. The formula is also very liquid-y and the white hearts were extremely hard to fish out!
Final Thoughts:
Okay, remember that this is a brand new indie brand; I really like Black Label Nails' metallic polishes. They have great formula and that finish they have looks great for many occasions, especially at night. ;) This glitter polish though, Love Hurts, is really hard to apply. I think the main reason why is because there is a lack of filler glitters. Glitter polishes (both mainstream and indie) often have variety in their glitters or at least packed full of glittery goodness! I think the main reason why Love Hurts wouldn't apply very well is because the clear base isn't the ideal for glitters as well as the huge glitter sizes... There were only 3 types and no matter how much I tried, they didn't apply very well nor did they even look good on me. :/ I don't know how Black Label Nails' other glitter polishes went but this was my experience! Her chromes turned out just fine. :)
Anyway, if you're interested into looking more at Black Labe Nails polish, check out her website:
Jenn creates mini 5ml bottles for $4 and standard 15ml bottles for $9. Follow her instagram @blacklabelnails for future updates and collections!
Your Polish Pal,