Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Liquid Sky Lacquer Valentine's Day Collection

Hey everyone! I finally have some time to show you all some pretties from Liquid Sky Lacquer. :) These are just a few of Carolyn's creations for this Valentine's Day! Keep reading if you're interested in some of these cute polishes!  
Okay, so before I even show you the polish, you all know that I adore cute packaging! Of course safety is #1 when it comes to shipping polishes (thus requiring bubble wrap) but style in the way you package is always appreciated too. ;) And Carolyn does one of the best jobs of stylish packaging in my opinion!
Are these just not the cutest color-coordinating bags EVER?! (The bottles are wrap very well in bubble wrap and then are placed in the bags! I just unwrapped them and stuck them back in for this photoshoot. ;))
Okay, last photo of presentation! Let's see the Liquid Sky Laquer swatches. :)
 First up I have Heart Throb! I am wearing 1 coat of this glitter topper on top of NYC Sidewalkers plus a topcoat. (I had to individually place the heart glitters where I wanted).
 Heart Throb a fun glitter bomb with pink, red, and white tiny glitters plus some super fine holographic ones too! There are large pink, red, and purple heart glitters that are a bit hard to fish out. (You have to really try if you want all 3 colors!)
 Next up is Key To My Heart. :) I am wearing 2 coats over Nina Ultra Pro French Pink plus a topcoat. (Once again, I had to individually place the large red heart glitters). 
 Key To My Heart is yet another glitter bomb but this time is filled with small red and silver glitters along with larger silver, red, and pink hexagons and squares. Don't forget the red hearts too! This formula was actually a lot easier to pick up the large hearts than Heart Throb. :) I didn't need to fish them out as much -- plus, there is only one color you have to worry about grabbing this time. ;) 
 Let's move on to Candlelight Dinner! I am wearing 2 coats plus a topcoat.
 Candlelight Dinner is your classic wine colored polish with fine holographic glitters throughout.  This color is extremely pretty, especially if you love dark shades like me. ;)
 And finally we have Purple Midnight! I used 3 coats plus a topcoat.
Purple Midnight is a dark purple jelly polish filled with black, holographic, and iridescent glitters! When you add a topcoat, this polish looks sooo squishy! ;D  
So this concludes my part of Liquid Sky Laquer's Valentine's Day Collection 2014. :) My favorite from this set is Candlelight Dinner and Key To My Heart. There were no major issues in these polishes; the only problem that might occur is the need to 'fish out' the large heart glitters in the glitter bombs. That's understandable though since they glitters are bigger and sink down to the bottom. Anyway, I hope you liked this collection as much as I did and I can't wait to use some of these polishes in future nail art!
You can shop more of Liquid Sky Lacquer products at:
And future updates on collections plus more swatches can be found on Carolyn's Facebook and Instagram.  
Which polish was your favorite? ;)
Your Polish Pal,


  1. The packaging is too cute! The two glitters are perfect! Really lovely collection :)

  2. Candlelight Dinner is absolutely stunning :o