Thursday, May 8, 2014

Jelly Swirls

Say hello to one of my favorite designs that I have ever done: Jelly Swirls. ;) I have seen a lot of this "jelly technique" on Instagram lately! As you probably notice, there is a solid design with a sheer background; I don't think I've done something this elegant before. <3 I finished this design last Sunday but haven't had time to take pictures until this morning! So, keep reading to view more pictures (you know me, good nail art deserves many photos hehe) and read a little more about this "jelly nails technique". 

Jelly nails make me so happy! :D Look how shiny and squishy they are!
This is also my first time ever doing a swirly pattern on my nails and man... I realized how much of a perfectionist I was. I literally redid every nail at least twice (if not like 5 times haha...) because the swirls just looked wrong. xD I just left it at these. ;)
So, the neatest thing about these jelly nails are that I only used 1 polish and acrylic paint. :D Basically, I painted one coat of Jolie Polish Black Crelly onto my nails -- the great thing about Jolie Polish's crellies are that they're so thin! They're technically created to make jelly sandwiches (glitter polish + jelly polish) but they are perfect for jelly nail art too! So after I laid a base of Black Crelly, I painted my design with acrylic paint and then seal it with 2-3 more coats of Black Crelly. :) I didn't even have to use a topcoat! This crelly is just this shiny. 
Hehe.. I just love this photo too. :) Yes, I am showing off my favorite and only perfume! <3 I started wearing Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf in November and will be wearing this probably forever. xD 
And just one last photo of my swirlies! :)

What do you think of this jelly technique? I have seen this design with lace and polka dot nail art. I'm sure the possibilities are endless! You only need a jelly polish and matching paint/polish to do a design with. I definitely recommend Jolie Polish's crellies to do this type of designs with because they're cheap ($4.50) and easy to work with. :) Find more of her polishes here! {Bory is having a 20% off sale when you use the code 'mom20' when you spend $20+}

Oh... And school is finally finished... ;D I am so, extremely relieved. :) You'll be seeing more of me for sure!

Your Polish Pal,


  1. They turned out great! Never heard or seen the jelly swirls design before but they look fun!

  2. I really like this design! I've seen stamping jelly sandwiches before but not freehand nail art. I usually awww it done with a pale pink jelly I like the look you created with a black jelly

  3. It's super pretty and so delicate! <3

  4. Nicely done! If I managed to make such nice swirls, I'm not sure I'd have the heart to put anything on top of them. :)