Sunday, May 18, 2014

Pink Rose Jelly Nails

Hey guys, do you remember my black jelly swirl mani from last week? Well, I'm back at these jelly nails again but this time I'm using pink! :D This rose mani literally took 10 minutes to complete because I used some awesome water decals (Y182) from the Born Pretty Store. Keep reading for more pictures and information!

Born Pretty Store Rose Decals

You may notice that this gorgeous pink is a new crelly by Jolie Polish! It's called Hey Pink Hotty and I am in love. :) I initially painted 2 thin coats of this crelly polish and then added the water decals on top. But to finish the jelly look, I painted one more coat of Hey Pink Hotty on top. :)

I've tried water decals before from a different company and I was sort of frustrated because the plastic was so thick and obvious. (Just in case you have no clue what water decals are/how to use them, check out my water decal tutorial here!) These decals from BPS are perfect though! <3 No, I am not saying this just because they sent me these products. I am saying this because this is my 2nd time using water decals and I've never been so impressed. 

Born Pretty Store Rose Decals
I love how thin the plastic (clear film) is behind the decal and it's not thick at all like the last decals I tried. I am being completely honest here. I would definitely order water decals from the BPS again! 
Born Pretty Store Rose Decals
The rose decals that I got came in white and black. :) This is how my mani looked before adding the additional coat of pink crelly on top.
Born Pretty Store Rose Decals
These pink jelly nails were so simple to do using BPS water decals and one of Jolie Polish's crelly polishes. :) If you ever need simple and quick nail art, go out and buy decals. xD They are so stinking easy to use. Plus, you remove them just like you would with any manicure -- a cotton ball and acetone. ;)

Find these rose water decals (Y182) and even more nail art products online at the Born Pretty Store. They offer free shipping (it takes about 3 weeks to arrive though! I've bought thing there before) and use my 10% off discount code JZX31. :) 

Your Polish Pal,


  1. I am a big water decal fan too, they are easy to apply and make from any plane color a master piece! Your nails look adorable!

  2. I still haven't tried water decals yet. I think I need to order some! I really love how you sandwiched the decal here it gives it such a lovely soft look :)