Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Metropolis + Color Me Pretty by Incoco

Let the swatching of Incoco's Metropolis Collection continue! :) Yesterday I posted swatches of Hidden Gem and Pucker Up which you can view here. Today I have for you Metropolis and Color Me Pretty. So take a quick look below for more photos!

Metropolis Incoco
As you can see here, Metropolis is a sheer pearl design with cascading 'water colored' falling from the cuticle and Color Me Pretty is a purply-pink solid shade.
Metropolis Incoco
 I don't like this design as much as I liked Hidden Gem but it's still pretty in its own way. 
Metropolis Incoco
Once again, I placed the sheer designed nail applique over the solid color on my index and middle finger. :) The thumb has no base color on it so it keeps that pearl color while the other 2 'turn' purple. 
Metropolis Incoco
And here is one last shot!
Metropolis Incoco
Just kidding, I lied. Here is one last photo of Color Me Pretty! What color would you say this is...? Is it purple or is it pink..? I am so confused. :(

So here are 2 more nail applique designs that Incoco created for their Summer 2014 collection. Whooo-hoo! I have one more design from this collection to show you and I can't wait! The next one is definitely one of my favorites but I don't know if it can beat Hidden Gem... We'll find out soon. ;)

Your Polish Pal,

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  1. These are nice but yeah, I liked the other design much better.