Thursday, May 22, 2014

City Girl by Incoco

 Hey everyone! Today I have for you the LAST nail appliques that Incoco sent me of their Metropolis Summer Collection. I don't know about you, but these may be my favorite set out of the entire collection! It actually might be a tie between this set called City Girl and the first set I swatched called Hidden Gem. Let me know which ones are your favorite but here are a few more pictures of City Girl. ;)

Incoco City Girl Metropolis Summer 2014 Collection

City Girl is a fun monochrome mix and match set. 
Here is what the actual set looks like -- as you can see, I kind of cut to fit some of the appliques. xD I wanted the black and white checker on both my thumb and ring finger so I just cut and removed the excess applique with acetone and my french brush. (Obviously the checkered was mad for a thicker nail but I made it fit. ;) I wanted it that bad!)
Incoco City Girl Metropolis Summer 2014 Collection
I really like how these turned out! My only issue was that the pearl base was really see through so I probably should have laid down a white base (of my own nail polish) but you technically don't need one. (I just like how the designs really POP out when you have a base color with these pearl-y appliques). 
Incoco City Girl Metropolis Summer 2014 Collection
I just happened to be holding a Sinful Colors bottle in every Incoco Metropolis Collection swatch. Did you notice that? ;) I did it on purpose, yes. xD
Incoco City Girl Metropolis Summer 2014 Collection
And just one last shot of City Girl by Incoco!

There you have it my friends! I just showed you all what Incoco has to offer this summer with their new Metropolis Collection. :) Now that you have seen all that I have to show, please tell me which one was your favorite overall? xD I am torn. I love City Girl and Hidden Gem. ;)

Your Polish Pal,


  1. These are fun especially with the classic black and white combination. I think I still like Hidden Gems more though.

  2. very nice nails:)

    Kisses from Poland:)