Sunday, January 25, 2015

Nailed Kit: 80s Doodles Decals

Eeeeeep! January is almost gone already?! Yikes. Well I proudly announce that today is the first day that I have seen sunlight in 3 weeks. :) So it is time to nail blog (I haven't blogged at ALL while I've been at college so this is a totally new experience).

Today I have for you 80s Doodle Decals by Nailed Kit. If you're wondering what nail decals are or how to apply them, check out my tutorial on how to apply nail art decals. :) Keep reading to view more photos!

So like I said, this is the first time I've ever tried blogging while at college. You can just imagine my roommate walking into the room as I'm squatting near the window with a sheet of printer paper taped to a chair trying to take photos of my nails. I thought people would understand with my 100+ bottles of nail polish displayed openly on my shelves that I am kinda nail polish crazy... Anyho, I'm just warning you that I'm experimenting with my lighting again and such.

Take a look at these fun decals! (AND OF COURSE MY THUMB. I haven't done a dotticure in God only knows how long but I stinkin' love it. Can you guess what my next manicure will probably be? Exactly). 

The base polish I used was Nina Ultra Pro French Pink and the polka dots are:
Sinful Colors Cream Pink
Sinful Colors Savage
L.A. Girls Leap
Sephora by OPI What a Broad 

These decals don't have a white background like some decals do (e.g. La Vita รจ Bella decals) so you must use a light base otherwise they don't show up very well. A lot of people use white but I wanted to try nude just for kicks and giggles. They most definitely would show up a lot brighter if I had used white but oh well. 

AND NOW... THE GLORIOUS THUMB SHOT! My, how I have missed these indeed. :) 

These nail art decals from Nailed Kit are individually $8 for a set (+ free shipping!) but if you're willing to spend 2 more dollars, you can get 2 sets. That's right: 2 sets of Nailed Kits decals for $10 and of course free shipping in the US. Only $5 flat rate shipping for international orders though. 

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Your Polish Pal,

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  1. How fun are these! Love that thumb design the most.

  2. Cute decals. I love what you've made with them, it is a fun looking mani for sure.
    The pictures look good and I am sure with the time your roommates will understand your hobby!