Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl XLIX Nail Art

 Heyyyy guys! I am so excited to show you my Super Bowl XLIX nails! This post will be extremely short and mostly just full of pictures because the game starts in about an hour and the pizza is a coming. ;D 

I do have to say, check out the totally awesome Seattle Seahawks nail art that my friend and I did on Friday night! My nails are okay looking; I could only do a closeup of the Seahawk's face but check out my friend Maggie's Seahawk. NOTE: THIS WAS HER FIRST TIME DOING NAIL ART. It is unbelievable.

Miss Maggie FREE HANDED (yes, free handed -- no stickers) that Seahawk on her FIRST time doing nail art. We used acrylic paint but wow. I have a very artistic friend. I did paint her nails a base color, the "12", and a gradient on the rest of her nails but that Seahawk just blows me away. Her first time painting nail art on her nails folks. Don't we all wish we could be that good? Keep reading for more photos!
Yeah... no one wants to see my nails anymore. :/ Merp, well I only have a few more photos so here you go (we'll get this done quick!)

My nails before I added Jolie Polish's Tessellate on top of the gradient. (All of the colors I used were acrylic paint except the glitter polish).
And of course after I added the glitter! :D 

 Closeup of my Seahawk eye :)

And back to Maggie's nails! I was trying to teach her the importance of lighting, hand poses, clean up, etc. xD It was super fun to have a friend to do nails with! She hardly EVER paints her nails (like never ever...) so it was funny to hear her say "I have to plan next week's nails now!" ;)

Unfortunately Maggie doesn't have a Instagram or blog right now, but I will be sure to let you know if she ever creates one. Last but not least...


Your Polish Pal,


  1. Awesome nail art for the Super Bowl!

  2. The Seahawk have to be grateful for such fans! Great nail art!

  3. Fabulous job!

  4. I think your nails look just sooo pretty!
    I hope you'll have a wonderful Weekend and I look forward to read your next post!

    Julia ~Creativenails4fun~

  5. very beautiful design, I love your creativity! :D

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