Thursday, March 13, 2014

Happy Birds!

Oh Happy Day.
I made it through this week and Spring Break is next week but I'm basically 'done' with classes because almost all my classes canceled Friday since the majority of people are skipping anyway. xD So, I finally have time to post this adorable little bird mani I did this weekend! Keep reading to view more photos and also see exactly what I was inspired by. ;)

I haven't done a detailed nail art in a long time so that's why I decided to challenge myself with this happy, spring-y bird mani. x)
And this week has been so busy that I didn't get very good photos of these nails. :/ I had to resort back to using my iPod to capture the photo above! Eep. I love my spiffy camera. xD
Okay! Back to using my Canon. <3 And oooooh look. Here is my thumb. ;) I used Jolie Polish White Crelly as my base polish because I love the nice off-white shade! It's not too white and in your face for nail art. :) The rest of the colors are acrylic paint.
People get so weirded out at school when I have words on my nails.... Pshhh, I like it. ;)  
Oh Happy Day by Heather Cambell (Source)
 Here is the cutest little card ever by Heather over at a scrapbooking blog Ellen Hutson. :) Nail art is always fun but I have always had this adoration for scrapbookers. I should get inspired by them more often. ;) Heather even made an awesome tutorial on how she created this card -- I couldn't believe that she started out with white paper and all the clouds, birds, hearts, etc. are STAMPED on! I wish I could scrapbook haha... ;) I can't wait to do another mani inspired by a card! This was really fun. :)
Your Polish Pal,


  1. Hope you have a great Spring break! These nails are so cute! I've been feeling uninspired lately because whenever I take pictures recently, they've been turning out bad. Hopefully, I can get my groove back. I really need to try more freehanded nail art designs like you. You recreated those birds so well!

  2. I love these! They are so cute! :)

  3. Very cute and HAPPY mani. Wish you a great spring break!

  4. Hope you have a good spring break! I wish I still got spring break... there's no spring break from work haha :( love this mani it's super cute! Great inspiration! :)