Thursday, March 27, 2014

Garden Daydreams by Incoco

Hey everyone! I finally have for you the rest of the Incoco Nail Appliques from the Garden Daydreams Collection. :D (I took these pictures over a week ago!!! I haven't had time to upload though.) I already showed off the Apple Blossoms appliques but I have 3 other sets that I was sent. ;) Take a look below to see which ones I have and keep reading to see how they look on oober short nails. :)
Garden Path Appliques by Incoco

Tea Party Appliques by Incoco

Down To Earth Appliques by Incoco

I don't have very many pictures of the appliques actually on my nails but this is what I found on my camera. xD
I used Tea Party and then added Down To Earth as an accent nail because the mint complements the floral-ness of Tea Party. :)
 And I actually recycled the Down To Earth accent nail because it paired so well with Garden Path!
I love me some floral nails. ;) Especially since I didn't have to do any nail art whatsoever thanks to Incoco's amazing nail stickers. I wore this Garden Path + Down To Earth mani for 4 days and there was only a little wear on the tips of my nails. Incoco never fails to impress me. :)
So there you have it guys! My super belated yet promised post of Incoco's Garden Daydreams Collection. As always, if you have no idea what Incoco Appliques are, go ahead and read my first much more detailed review of Incoco here. :)
I'm going to do a quick apology for not posting anything for almost 2 weeks! I just got SO BUSY (it's unbelievable... so much has happened in the last 10 days...) but don't worry! Some AMAZING things have happened and I will share everything soon. :) Actually I might do a quick explanation on Instagram first.. so find me there @PolishPals. xD
Your Polish Pal,


  1. I love how girly these nail appliques are!

  2. These appliques are so cute! I know it can be hard to post regularly sometimes life does get busy!

  3. They didn't look like they applied right...

  4. I am not a big nail wrap fan, because the majority of them don't last long on the nails, but the designs of this one looks quite nice!
    I wish you a great weekend!

  5. I'd love to try this brand myself ;)

    Xx julia