Saturday, March 1, 2014

Green & Blue Sugar Spun Nails

Woooah! This is the first time that I have ever posted a sugar spun manicure! I actually haven't done this sugar spun technique for 2 years. :O But anyway, go ahead and keep reading for more pictures! :)

I had a really hard time deciding on the color combo I wanted for these sugar-spun nails! The possibilities are endless; like seriously. I wasn't sure if I wanted neon colors, pastels, or rainbow.
 As you can see, I chose black polish as my base (Wet n Wild Black Crème) and went from there. I did end up going with green (Pure Ice Wild Thing) and a couple blue polishes (Color Club Evolution and Age of Aquarius).
 I don't know guys; I could seriously do sugar-spun manicures every week in different colors and not get tired of this fun technique! Even my sister thought they were pretty cool and reminded her of pastry frosting. :) I love how they look like splatter paint nails but I didn't have to make a mess at all!
These are some of my favorite colors and it makes my short nails look not as short. ;) Eeeeep! It's sports season and I have to keep my nails sort of short. My nubs make me kind of sad though! (Curse the long nail beds; when my nails aren't past my fingertips, my nails look so small...) Oh well, give me a week or two and they'll be back to normal. :) Plus, just a reminder out there that short nails can have nail art on them and be cute! I hate it when girls claim that only long nails can be pretty. I disagree! My nails are always short and I like them. :)
Your Polish Pal,


  1. They look great! Totally agree with your sister that it kind of looks like frosting too. I did a sugar spun design a while back but it did not turn out as great as yours.

  2. Absolutely love these!! Amazing job!! =)

  3. Love the colors you used! This is really cute! Were you able to get these to fully dry and wear as a normal mani? I've never tried sugar spun nails before and the polish seems like it's too thick to dry... and I know that adding topcoat would smooth out the nice stringy effect... Btw... Everyone's nails look short when they aren't past their fingertips! Trust me I have short nail beds and my nails seriously look like toenails when they break and become nubs! I am so envious of your long nail beds!!! I agree that short nails can definitely look good with nail art... it can just be a bit harder to do sometimes because you have less space to work with.