Sunday, March 2, 2014

Zion By First Loved Designs

Eeeeep! Do you guys remember my swatch on Friday of Love Is War by First Loved Designs? I promised you all that I had a second polish from Lisa's collection that will be released this March and I decided it was finally time to show this beauty off.
This sparkly little thing is called Zion by First Loved Designs. <3 I am warning you; my swatches literally don't compare to the real thing. I am terrible at capturing silver holographic glitter on my nail plus the fact that the sun hasn't shone for the past 2 weeks doesn't help. So, please remember that this macro is an extremely accurate photo of this polish on your nail! I swear on my entire polish collection.
Zion by First Loved Designs

Yeah. No comment on my swatches; I apologize Zion. You are seriously one of my top glitter polishes ever now.
Okay, so down to the simple details -- I am only wearing 2 coats of Zion and topped with Seche Vite. This polish is a silver glitter packed polish filled with various silver holographic glitters. This is not a glitter topper, it's made for wearing by itself. <3 So if I had to compare this to a 'regular' polish, it's the equivalent of China Glaze Glistening Snow (I sort of have a swatch here) but Zion is by far 10x better in my opinion!
Wearing straight-up glitter on your nails is really fun but I can't wait to use this glitter as an accent nail. :D
 And here is one last picture because I can't capture anything good right now. I am SO STINKING SAD that I have a mini of this! (Hahaha, no I'm not mad that Lisa didn't send a full-sized. I'm honored she even allowed me to swatch Love Is War and Zion from "The Hillsong Collection"). I am dead serious that I am buying a large sized bottle from First Loved Designs! Once again, I am soooo lucky that these indie polishes are only $5 per bottle (and YES! It's a full sized 15mL bottle!). Ahem. I'm done fan-girling about this silver glitter polish. I'm sorry but I have never felt this way about an indie polish... I am buying this and the gold version ASAP. It's cheaper than the China Glaze was anyway. ;)
Oh. And final thoughts? If you like being distracted by silver holographic glitter on your nails, just buy this dang this NOW. I am not kidding. And buy me like 3 extra bottles while you're at it. ;) (just kidding).
Be sure to follow Lisa on Instagram @firstloveddesigns) or on Facebook for more information on her upcoming collection. :)
Your Polish Pal,


  1. Its a stunning silver glitter! Ah that holographic sparkles are so pretty too :)

  2. This is really pretty! I haven't seen the sun in weeks either :( photographing polishes can so hard sometimes! And this polish is such a good deal! :)

  3. A little bottle full with magic, I love how it looks on your nails, great glitter polish!